Why Does My Hp Printer Keep Going Offline ?

Hp printer says offline when you try to the printer with your computer. Sometimes windows ten updates automatically after that my printer offline. When I turn on printer for print, sometimes it shows offline. The wireless printer you can troubleshoot it yourself. Hp printer has two modes, first of all, hp printer online another hp printer Offline. When your hp printer ready for work, it shows your printer status online. It means your printer print fine wireless. But your printer is power on may be a problem with your network communication then hp printer says Offline.

Hp Printer Offline fix to Online, firstly of all; you need to make sure your printer turned on. Another check your computer and printer both devices connected with the same Wi-Fi network. It is mediators for their communication. While using a network printer, there might be a problem with connectivity. Hence, there can be several reasons for the hp printer offline windows 10.


Hp Printer Offline Fix

Certainly, Different manufacturers have their diagnostic software. These software’s inform the user about the problems arising regarding your printer.

Hp Print and Scan Doctor” is HP’s diagnostic software. This is feature and service is provided to you. Hence, you should actively make use of it to the fullest. It will guide you the correct way—finally, you in the right direction towards troubleshooting Hp printer offline windows 10.

hp scan and doctor

Similarly, other networking devices, if the Hp printer is showing Offline, should be troubleshot the same way we opt for other networking devices. Firstly, you should ping the printer from your computer. Secondly, check your cables and also your settings. Lastly, check for the duplicity of IPs on your network. There might also be a case where your windows do not receive any status update from your HP printer. Herein, it starts reporting the Hp printer offline.

Hp Printer Offline fix windows 10

Hp scan & doctor tool, comfortable way to diagnose the problem, and fix automatically. But in case your question can’t fix with a tool, then you must follow some manual diagnosis and Hp printer offline fix.

  • Solution-1: Restart print spool services
  • Solution-2: Change printer properties
  • Solution-3: Change printer settings
  • Solution-4: Re-install printer

Sol-1 : Restart Print Spool Services :

Hp printer offline problem is really stubborn therefore restart the PRINT SPOOLER SERVICES by following the below-mentioned steps:

my printer offline
  1. Press WINDOWS KEY + R at the same time. You see a popup coming on your computer.
  2. Now type SERVICES.msc in this popup and click on OK.
  3. Services windows open in front of you. Now search PRINT SPOOLER SERVICES you can see the status is running. Right-click on it and click on STOP from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now check the status of PRINT SPOOLER is not running. Right-click on it and select START from the drop-down menu.

The printer uses this service for printing; Restart PRINT SPOOLER SERVICES might Hp printer offline fix in windows 10. All the above steps do not fix your problem, finally issue still appears. This might not be a permanent solution.

Sol-2 : Change Printer Properties :

Sometimes you restart your computer fix hp printer offline problem, but after some time again, hp printer going offline. When you restart your computer, it uses windows inbuild printer software. So, its change printer services because of that your printer works. It’s not a permanent solution because every time you must restart it. So, we can change printer properties for fix hp printer offline error. You can also perform the following steps to bring your Hp printer Online in Windows 10:

fix hp printer offline
  1. Search CONTROL PANEL open control panel window.
  3. Right-click on OFFLINE PRINTER(it will appear faded).
  4. Click on See What’s Printing option on device and printer screen. If there are any unfinished tasks, remove them from the list.
  5. Click on USE PRINTER OFFLINE to uncheck the checkmark and now sit back and wait for the printer to come Online.

Finally, the moment your Hp printer comes Online. I want to inform you these steps use your windows inbuild software. Whenever your windows update its effect on your printer wireless connection or maybe with the above steps, can’t help you hp printer offline fix.

Sol-3 : Change Printer Settings :

In Windows computer, you want to connect the printer wirelessly, but it shows you hp printer offline. Everyone follows some simple troubleshooting steps but the exact problem with the port services. Port services problems happen because of windows updates. How to make sure the correct port is select for your printer in windows 10. If the wrong port is selected, you might receive a hp printer offline error message. You should follow these steps:

hp printer says offline
  1. Search devices; into the search bar and select DEVICES AND PRINTERS.
  2. Right-click on your printer then select PRINTER PROPERTIES.
  3. You got a new window, select PORTtab in this window.
  4. Now you can see different port types. You must make sure which type of port connection using. For a wireless printer, make sure you select STANDARD TCP/IP PORT.
  5. Once, you select STANDARD TCP/IP PORTclick on APPLY and select the OK button.

Now you can see your printer is online. It is windows diagnose for hp printer says offline problem. All the above diagnosis, if your hp printer is showing offline, you took help with hp printer software, which is a permanent solution.

Solution-4 : Re-install Printer

Cause of windows computer is your windows software update automatically, but other drivers are outdated. You can troubleshoot and fix your problem. It’s a temporary solution, so after some time hp printer showing offline again.

Reinstallation of your printer is the best solution because, after a long time, you must also update your hp drivers. So, uninstall your printer and reinstall for solve permanently.

hp printer showing offline
  1. The printer you want to uninstall software connected to your computer with a USB cable DISCONNECT CABLE.
  2. On the computer in windows 10, select START, then go to SETTINGS and click on the APPS tab.
  3. From the list of install programs, locate and select your hp printer driver, then select UNINSTALL and then again click on UNINSTALL on the popup window.
  4. If prompted it ask for permission, do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Click on the yes button to confirm removing the software. Return to the apps and features list and repeat this process if you got any related software.

Re-install Latest Printer Drivers :

Once all the hp printer software uninstalls, you restart your computer. Then turn off your printer and router for fix hp printer offline error. After 20 seconds, start your router and start your printer. Make sure when you restart your router keep it minimum 20 to 30 seconds off. Now begin your printer. Before installing the hp printer driver, make sure your printer is SETUP WIRELESS with your internet router. Once the setup finishes, then let start with your computer.

fix hp printer offline

Fix Hp Printer Offline in windows 10

  1. Open any browser on your computer and type 123hp.com
  2. Now enter your printer model, for example, in image HP Officejet 4650. Click on the SEARCH tab and then click DOWNLOAD.
  3. A new window comes in front of you with a blue color download button. Click on this DOWNLOAD.
  4. On your computer screen, left-hand bottom corner.EXE file downloading. Once downloaded, open the file, its ask for permission for launches HP INSTALLER, select all favorable options like yes, continue, allow its depend on your windows version.
  5. Select the checkbox to accept the terms of agreement and statements and click on CONTINUE.
  6. Now hp easy start tool running on your computer. Hp easy start detects the printer, which set up with the same network in your computer is connected.
  7. If your printer is not detected, select MY PRINTER NOT SHOWN. Then, after a few moments of search, you can see your printer recognized. Select your printer and click CONTINUE.
  8. Hp quickly starts to connect your printer to the same network in which your computer also connects. It searches for the latest available drivers for your printer.
  9. choose FULL SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS according to your computer, but I recommend you, please select full software and driver and click on
  10. Now the driver starts downloading; once download complete its runs automatically. If the driver doesn’t open, navigate to your downloads folder and open the drivers. Select all favorable option YES, ALLOW, OK with many screens to install your drivers.
  11. If you got any prompted to choose how to connect your printer, select AUTOMATICALLY and then click on
  12. In this screen, a list of devices shows you connect the same network. Select YOUR PRINTER and click NEXT
  13. Follow additional information screen; please click all positive options and, at last, select FINISH. Now your printer ready for print.

Technician Help

Sometimes computers have other problems also so these diagnose can’t help hp printer offline fix. Hence contact experienced guys because he can assist you better. Finally, an expert can explain the exact problem and what you must do to fix your problem. I recommend you contact our technician team.

Hp Printer Connect Technical team supports printer Installation, Scan, Fax, errors, and all kinds of printer problems with your software and hardware. Our skilled executive uses the latest Diagnose tools to fix your problem with your all hp printer models. Finally, we provide our customers with cost-effective solutions and, in the next 30 minutes, solve the hp printer offline issue.