Hp printer connect wifi becomes a straight forward task with hp software tools. Hp offers you the innovative quality of printers due to the task of hp wireless printer setup hassle-free. Maybe, your operating system not up to date or facing some network issues that become the task of hp printer setup wifi full of technical Hassles. Hp Printer Connect provides you some simple steps to help print wifi direct quickly.

You are going to unbox your hp printer first time. You got an instruction manual or hp printer driver CD. In case, your hp printer driver CD lost, or maybe it’s not working with your CD ROM. As a result, you can set up your printer without CD wireless with your network. First of all, keep the patient and follow the giving instruction and hp wireless printer setup.

Hence, before setup or install your hp printer successfully, you must confirm almost you have the following material and information for the hp printer setup wifi with a wireless network.

  • First, A Device running with the latest version of operating system firmware like( windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, MAC, Android Device.)
  • Second A Common wireless network, make sure your computer device connected with the same network in which you want to connect your printer. Your network router setup on 2.4 GH if it does not then change your network router setting and configuration on 2.4 GH.
  • Finally, an active internet connection and your wireless network password or key if it required in your network.

Hp wireless printer setup with home or business network using:

Solution-1: Hp Printer Connect wifi (Hp Smart)

Solution-2: Hp Wireless Printer Setup (Manual Setup)

Solution-3: Wi-Fi Protective Setup (WPS)

Solution-1: Hp Printer Connect wifi (Hp Smart) :

HP SMART is HP’s own smart software tool. This is the feature and service provided due to make use of it to print wifi direct actively. It will guide you correctly and take you in the right direction towards the hp printer setup wifi. From your computer with windows 10, setup a hp printer and connect it to your wireless home or business network using hp smart for hp wireless printing.

  1. On the computer, open up any browser and search for Hp SMART. You can directly click on this link to download HP SMART. Hp smart is preinstalled on hp computers or can be download from the Microsoft store. A welcome window opens in front of you for the hp printer connect wifi. On the welcome screen, select GET STARTED.
  2. Read teams and conditions, then select CHECKBOX to agree on the terms and click on CONTINUE.
  3. List of printers open with printer prompt display with recently installed printers, select your printer to add it to hp smart. If you are setting up a new Hp printer connect wifi or your printer is not displayed, select skip. Hp Smart only detects printer connected to the same network as your Windows computer connected for print wifi direct.
  4. Setup mode is activated when the first time you turn on your printer. If it has longer then 2 hours, you turned on printer and reset printer network settings. Hp printer connect wifi without a touch display press the cancel button to wake up the printer from sleep mode.
    1. Hp Printer Connect wifi (Hp Smart) :

    1. Press and hold the WIRELESS and CANCEL button at the same time for 5 seconds.
    2. LaserJet pro printers, press, and hold the WIRELESS button until the READY and ATTENTION light are blinking simultaneously. Release the button to RESTORE SETUP MODE.
    3. Printer with the touch display, navigate to the WIRELESS or NETWORK SETTINGS menu, and then select RESTORE NETWORK SETTINGS to restore network defaults.
    4. Tango or tango-x printers, press and hold the WI-FI BUTTON for 5 SECOND until the edge lighting rotates blue.
      1. Hp Printer Connect wifi (Hp Smart) :

      fix hp printer offline
      1. Printer on the network or in setup mode, return toHP SMART, and select the PLUS SIGN.
      2. The app finds a new printer in setup mode and printers connected to your wireless network. If your printer not listed, choose SETUP A NEW PRINTER.
      3. Select your printer from the new or connected printers and then select CONTINUE. Automatically access the WiFi password and connect the printer to NETWORKselect  If prompted, select YES or CONTINUE.
      4. Hp smart prepare your device for the connection. Hp Smart gathers some additional information and finish the links connected to the network. Select 
      5. Follow the prompts to finish setting up your printer. If necessary, follow the instructions and video to install cartridge and load paper into your printer.
      6. Don’t forget to adjust the paper guides to prevent jams and skewing.
      7. After following the prompts, hp smart displays the task and setting for your printer.

      Now hp printer ready for print wifi direct. To print from another device, connect to the same network as the printer. Some older versions of printer do not support hp smart. So, visit 123.hp.com to download the correct software for your hp printer setup wifi.

      Solution-2: Hp Wireless Printer Setup (Manual Setup) :

      Hp wireless printer setup (hp smart) some older version of the printer does not support for hp wireless printing. Sometimes windows not up to date, so computers also not help hp smart tool. In this case, hp printer setup wifi manually our printer. In the manual setup, we manual follow that all steps which Hp Smart performs for us. Firstly, power on your printer and select your language if it asks for language; otherwise, you will get the main screen on your printer. You can see a list of tabs on your screen (like a copy, scan, jobs, USB, etc.), use your finger to scroll to the end of the menu on the right, and find setup tab for hp wireless printer setup.

      1. Go to the setup tab and select 
      2. Scroll the setup list, select NETWORK SETUP.
      3. Select the WIRELESS MENUinside the network setup tab.
      4. Scroll it and select NETWORK SETUP WIZARD.
      5. Now you can see a list of wireless networks if it is not showing your network name please click 
      6. Select your NETWORK NAME; now it asks for any PASSWORDor KEY. Please type your wireless network password or key, which you setup on your router.

      Follow the instruction which shows on your printer screen, once it’s connected then Install drivers with your computer with the same network in which your hp printer setup wi fi.

      Solution-3 : Wi-Fi Protective Setup (WPS)

      Wi-Fi protective setup (WPS) is the easiest way to hp printer connect wifi to a wireless network using the push button method of WPS. You just click one button, and within a few minutes setup your printer automatically. To setup (WPS) to connect your printer, you must have

      • A wireless hp printer supports WPS PUSH BUTTON.
      • A wireless network router with a WPS button that uses a WPS OR WPA2.

      The best thing is that no need computer to connect your printer to the wireless network using WPS. If, during the connection process or when you install the driver for your printer, your computer prompts you to enter a WPS pin, select cancel.

      Your computer operating system has detected the print WIFI DIRECT feature of the printer, which is not part of the WPS setup, so no need to complete this process.

      1. Come on your printer with a WIRELESS BUTTON, press and hold for 5 seconds until the WIRELESS LIGHT BLINKS.
      2. Some printer doesn’t have a wireless button because it depends on the model of printer. They have CONTROL PANEL with MENU.
      3. Touch the gear icon to navigate the NETWORK SETTINGS.
      4. Now wireless information popup comes on screen, select WIRELESS SETTINGS.
      5. select WI-FI PROTECTIVE SETUP inside the wireless settings menu.
      • 6. Select the PUSH button and click on START.
      • 7. Come on your wireless network router, press and hold WPS button 30 seconds until WPS light blinks.

      The printer starts configuring a connection with the router WPS setup. It takes some time for the printer to establish a connection with the router with your printer on the wireless network. You can install the software on your computer and start using hp wireless printing.

      Technician Help

      Sometimes you have other problems also so these diagnose can’t help hp wireless printer setup. Hence contact experienced guys because he can assist you better. Finally, an expert can explain the exact problem and what you must do to fix your problem. I recommend you contact our technician team.

      Hp Printer Connect Technical team supports printer Installation, Scan, Fax, errors, and all kinds of printer problems with your software and hardware. Our skilled executive uses the latest Diagnose tools to fix your problem with your all hp printer models. Finally, we provide our customers with cost-effective solutions, and in the next 30 minutes, hp printer connect wifi issue.